Sports Care Products, Inc.

Firearm Cleaning Gel - $7.95

Degrease and clean


Copper Cleaning Gel - $8.95

Remove and clean copper deposits from barrels


Ultra Lube Lite - $4.95

Lubricate all classic and modern firearms


Pin Point Ultra Lube - $4.95

Lubricate hard to reach areas of your firearm


Ultra Lube Grease - $4.95

Lubricate with TeflonŽ to further reduce metal to metal contact wear


Ultra Lube Anti-Seize Stik - $3.95

Apply to the threads of choke tubes, slide mechanisms, and guide tubes on firearms in a safe, no-mess manner


Ultra Lube Final Step - $7.95

Protect the exterior of firearm surfaces from corrosion, dust, and dirt

Ultra Lube Anti-Seize Stik - $3.95

Apply this anti seizing/anti galling compound in a handy repel stick applicator